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Leadership Team

Bronte Clifford BA, CPT

Executive Director

Having received her undergraduate degree in Mathematics at the University of Washington in Seattle, Ms. Clifford has an extensive background in clinical research, project management, and data analysis for organizations such as MathSoft, Inc., University of Utah Division of Medical Genetics, The Ohio State University James Cancer Hospital, Nationwide Childrens Hospital and the Center for Perinatal Research. Ms. Clifford acts as Executive Director of Ohio School of Phlebotomy, Inc,. as well as Director at our 7 sister schools. Her belief is that everyone deserves access to affordable, quality education and her commitment to bringing this mission into every community began over 12 years ago when she opened the first school in Columbus, Ohio.

Emily C. R. Witt, M.Ed., CCMA

Chief Administrative Officer

Emily completed her Bachelors of Science at The Ohio State University in the College of Education and Human Ecology and attained the credential of Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) through Ohio School of Phlebotomy in 2012. She holds a Masters of Education in Adult Education from The Pennsylvania State University. Emily manages adherence to academic standards and oversees compliance with school and state policies at Ohio School of Phlebotomy and its sister schools. She is passionate about medical education and seeing each student develop their skills to become a talented medical professional and integral part of a medical team.

Nathaniel Flannery

Community Development Administrator

After working in business management for many years, Nate chose to change his career and gained his EMS/EMT certification in 2012. Nate worked as an EMT, responding to 911 calls and transporting patients, before joining the Indiana School of Phlebotomy team as a Campus Coordinator in 2016. Nate has since used his passion for advocacy to improve student experiences and build business relations within our community. Because of this passion and hard work, Nate has become an integral member of our administration team as the Community Development Administrator for all of Ohio School of Phlebotomy Affiliated Schools. Nate is dedicated to working with our community partners to provide more educational opportunities to our students and manage those partnerships to foster growth and access to education within our communities.

Melissa Archer

Associate Academic Officer

Melissa has nearly 18 years of health care experience. She received her diploma in Medical Assisting in 2001 from Sanford-Brown College. Since then, she has worked as a MA in family medicine, surgery, and cardiology. After 9 years as a MA, Melissa realized her true passion was phlebotomy and chose to narrow her focus. She has worked as a phlebotomist for the past 9 years performing biometric health screenings, insurance exams, health fair screenings, and pre-employment screenings. Melissa joined the KCSP team in 2017 with the goal to change the face of healthcare one student at a time. She endeavors to give each student the skills and knowledge to provide not only outstanding patient care but also outstanding customer service. Melissa teaches with compassion and instills confidence in each student.

Kara Beauford, CPT

Externship Coordinator

Kara began her career in 2007 as an office assistant for a local practitioner. During her time there, her potential to be more hands-on was quickly noticed. She was then introduced to the world of Phlebotomy and has never looked back! Kara is an expert phlebotomist with over 10 years of experience under her belt. After teaching phlebotomy with OSP and engaging students in the classroom, Kara has moved into the position of Externship Coordinator where her experience in the field and teaching can be utilized to help students succeed in their career training through externship placements that are a good fit for each individual.

Rebecca Thomas, CCMA, CPT

Chief Operations Officer

Rebecca comes from an extensive background in patient care management, long-term care, pain management, and wound care. After 12 years of focusing on those areas, Rebecca decided to expand her skills by taking both the Phlebotomy and Certified Clinical Medical Assisting courses at Ohio School of Phlebotomy. Since then, she has worked as a full-time paramedical examiner and has enjoyed offering outstanding care to her patients. She also worked as a substitute instructor for OSP and leads instruction for many of our off-site learning opportunities. Rebecca quickly became the Campus Coordinator at the Ohio Campus and has since moved into overseeing operations as the Chief Operations Officer.

Michael Robinson ND, MS, CCMA

Substitute Instructor

Dr. Michael Robinson is a locally practicing doctor in the Chicagoland suburbs specializing in Naturopathic Oncology and IV therapeutics. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, a Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition, and a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. He holds active certificates in phlebotomy, medical assisting, and as an EKG technician. He completed his medical internship in Primary Care Functional Medicine and in addition to owning an oncology practice, he teaches for multiple healthcare universities at the bachelors, masters, and doctoral levels. Dr. Robinson has a passion for education and greatly enjoys assisting others along their career paths.

Shannon Johnson, CCMA, CPT


Shannon began her career as a Phlebotomist at Presence Mercy Hospital in 2005. She then transitioned into a laboratory assisting role where she found her passion in the fast-paced and interesting laboratory environment. With over 10 years of experience with patients ranging from newborn to elderly, Shannon has become an expert at drawing blood in just about any situation. For Shannon, lab life is never boring, whether it is drawing blood, processing, or making slides; it is something different every day. Shannon became an Instructor for CLA and Phlebotomy to share her passion for the medical field and assist students in becoming excellent future laboratory employees.

Polina Robinson, ND, MS, CCMA


With both parents in the medical field, Dr. Polina Robinson discovered her passion for healthcare at an early age. She holds a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, a Master of Science in Anatomy and Physiology Instruction, and a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences. The role of Clinical Medical Assisting instructor unites her love of medicine and learning, and she enjoys supporting students on their journey to becoming successful healthcare professionals.

Shalon Featherstone, CPT


Shalon Featherstone studied business administration and management at the University of Wisconsin, She subsequently continued her education at Madison Area Technical College and finished her studies at Worsham College of Mortuary Science - along with Cremation. Her professional responsibilities have included On-Call Unit Phlebotomist for the UW Hospital and Clinic and a remote traveling phlebotomist. She has a National Funeral Celebrant Certification. She is currently working at Northwestern Memorial Hospital as a traveling phlebotomist and has recently completed the IV placement and infusion certification from the Chicago School of Phlebotomy. Shalon is an experienced phlebotomist working in specialty practices, has received employee of the month at Northwestern Hospital, multiple letters of recommendation from her supervisors and colleagues, and enjoys serving as mentor and trainer to new employees. Shalon is honored to be an instructor here at the Chicago School of Phlebotomy, and her promise is to share her expertise and deep passion for healthcare with each student so they will go into the medical field with success.

Sonya Simeth, CMA, CET, CMAA


Sonya (Sonny) entered the medical field due to her passion for helping others. In 2011, Sonny graduated at the top of her class in the medical assisting program from Everest College where she also acted as a Student Ambassador. Following the completion of her educational program, Sonny completed her externship at Kane County Cancer Center and gained employment there following her externship. In 2012, Sonny began working at Northwestern Medicine where she was involved in primary care specializing in family medicine and internal medicine. In the 7 years that Sonny worked at Northwestern Medicine, she has practiced a wide array of knowledge and experience in the medical field. Sonny has achieved several patient satisfaction awards and comes with high recommendations from the physicians that she has worked with. She is excited to share her knowledge and experience with her students at Chicago School of Phlebotomy!

Bianca Campos, CCMA, CPT


Bianca completed her Bachelor of Science at Saint Xavier University in 2016. Following the completion of her degree, Bianca began working in the plasma donation industry as an assistant manager and phlebotomist. In 2018, she traveled to Costa Rica to obtain her Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Certification through the University of Colorado Department Of Emergency Medicine. In 2019, she traveled overseas to shadow nurses and doctors at the General Hospital Sibenik, located in Croatia. She obtained both her Certified Phlebotomy Technician and Certified Medical Assistant certificates through Chicago School of Phlebotomy in 2019. Bianca has a passion for the medical field and enjoys assisting and guiding students in their career paths!

Felicity Rennison, CCMA

Business Development Coordinator

Felicity worked in retail management for several years before completing her phlebotomy course at Ohio School of Phlebotomy in 2016. Following the completion of her program, she worked as a phlebotomist for institutions such as the America Red Cross and Adena Regional Medical Center before pursuing her CCMA certification. After successfully gaining her CCMA credential from Fortis College in 2018, Felicity gained experience in pediatric care at Nationwide Childrens Hospital. Felicity is passionate about healthcare and is excited to assist prospective and current students make their way into the medical field by overseeing school growth and operational quality standards for Ohio School of Phlebotomy and its network of sister schools.

Kelli Portenkirchner, CPT


Kelli brings field experience in phlebotomy and billing and coding to the classroom, where she is passionate about sharing her skills and knowledge with others who are interested in healthcare careers. Her credentials in phlebotomy, EKG, and medical billing and coding have prepared her to bring expertise to the students at Chicago School of Phlebotomy. When she is not in the classroom or working as an offsite phlebotomist, Kelli supports no-kill animal shelters and spends time outdoors with her dogs and her son.

Dionne Ray, AAS


After nearly 20 years in the field, Dionne continues her career with Chicago School of Phlebotomy, where she enjoys giving back to students and helping them begin their rewarding careers in healthcare where they can meet new people and enjoy fulfilling patient interactions. Dionne holds her A.A.S. in Medical Assisting from Robert Morris University and holds professional credentials in I.V. Infusion, Phlebotomy, and Nursing Assisting. Outside the classroom and her job as a medical assistant at a local health network, she enjoys singing karaoke, drawing, and spending time with her family and is passionate about fighting hunger in our community.