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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that the guidance and response to COVID-19 is a constantly-evolving topic. Administrators at Chicago School of Phlebotomy are monitoring guidance from public health officials to provide the most up-to-date information and policies possible. The information on this page is current as of June 14, 2021 and will be updated as needed.

If you have concerns or questions related to an individual circumstance, or you are not able to find an answer to your question on this page, please contact the office for assistance.

Do not attend class or come to campus. Contact the office via email or phone and you will be advised on your options for continuing your enrollment in your current class or at a later date after a required self-quarantine period.
At this time, Ohio School of Phlebotomy is no longer requiring students or staff to wear a mask while on the campus premises, however we understand that the risk of transmission for COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses is still present and encourage anyone who prefers to wear a mask to do so, and ask that anyone who has had an exposure to respiratory illness wear a mask to protect those around them.
In addition to following any state or local COVID-19 mandatory precautions, Ohio School of Phlebotomy has put measures in place to encourage social distancing and uses professional cleaning services to reduce the risk of disease transmission on our campus. Although masks are no longer required, we encourage students to wear a mask if they have had exposure to COVID-19 or prefer to wear a mask while on campus. As with any clinical environment, food and drink may not be consumed in laboratory areas and should only be consumed as needed in classrooms and common areas.
Accepting students is left at the discretion of the individual externship facilities, but we will work with students to find an appropriate and timely placement if possible. Alternative capstone experiences are available in lieu of externship if sites are not accepting students during your enrollment. If you were previously enrolled before the pandemic, you may be reassigned to another externship site, depending on availability.
No, this will not affect your ability to enroll. We do not require a specific GPA for admission, so ungraded work in your final semester(s) of high school will not affect your ability to enroll.